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Community Efforts

Programs fostering your child’s development:

Through collaborations with and programs led by our partner agencies and community organizations, local government, and child development centers, United Way is working to bring early childhood education to the forefront of community leaders’ and parent’s minds. Each of these amazing programs and partnerships helps more and more children get the quality early childhood education they deserve.


  • Success by 6 Letter of the Week Class hosts children and parents weekly from September to May, providing activities focused around a specific letter each week—helping children learn while modeling to parents how they can teach their children at home.


  • Maidee Smith Early Care & Learning Center provides safe, affordable, age appropriate, quality childcare and early childhood education, allowing parents to provide educational opportunities for their children despite financial limitations.


  • Troup BELL goes into homes of young children to educate parents around being their child’s first and best teacher.


  • First Steps at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center offers information, education, and support for new parents right after delivery at WGMC.


  • Success by 6 Weekly Reader Program coordinates volunteers throughout the community to go into five daycares and early learning centers and read on a weekly basis.


  • Summer Play, led by Maidee Smith Early Care and Learning Center, Troup County Certified Literate Community Program, and Success by 6, is an early literacy enrichment program held during June to teach children during the often neglected summer months.


  • Success by 6 partnerships with Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Babies Can’t Wait, local pediatrician offices, Troup BELL, and others to distribute age-appropriate books to children and families across the community, helping many children have their first access to their own books.


  • Happy Days Lunch and Learn program provides support and mentorship to staff at one of the largest childcare centers in Troup County as Success by 6 leaders share activities, games, and strategies staff can use to prepare children for kindergarten.


Each year, these community efforts and many others expand their reach in the community. With much more work to do, we are committed to expanding our reach every year, making early childhood education a priority for all throughout West Georgia.